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anyone who makes you feel guilty for your happiness or who mocks the things that you’re proud of is manipulative and emotionally abusive and you don’t owe them shit

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You’re fabulous whether you have relaxed hair or natural hair

You’re beautiful whether your skin is chocolate or dark chocolate

You’re God’s gift to man no matter what the media says “beauty” should be

Everything about you is amazing, but if you can’t see it… How do you expect others to see it too?

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A coyote cools off in the drink fridge at a Quiznos in the Chicago Loop, 2007

“It did not growl. It did not make any sounds. It just tried to get in. Apparently it was scared and tried to shelter itself,” said Ray Zavalas, Quiznos employee.

It just wanted some sobe life water TM

the amount of shade this coyote is giving off could cause an eclipse

"bitch, these are my mafaukin drinks. Who invited you anyway? letting all the air out."

I remember this lol